Bradley O'Neill

Game Developer

Currently a Student at Ravensbourne University

About Me

Hey! I'm Bradley, I'm a Student Game Designer from the United Kingdom in London. I am a super passionate Gamer and Game Developer who has been working on projects since 2013. I am currently studying Game Design at Ravensbourne University.

I am very proactive in pushing myself to learn and discover new skills and abilities when it comes to ideating and creating games. I always love to go the extra mile with my projects and to also think outside the box. I'm a big lover of the technical side of game development, learning how to use Game Engines and program using C# and C++, but I also dabble in design, art and project management. There isn't a part of Game Development that I do not love.

Simply, in a nutshell, I want to make amazing new games and experiences.

I love working as part of a team and being poactive

I am a Tech Developer with a love for learning. 

I love all areas of Game Development

Big advocate for Accessbility and Diversity in the industry.

I am at my best when I'm working with other people. I love working with fellow developers and I'm also good at leading a team to complete a project. 

I am also very proactive and like to keep busy. I don't wait for someone to tell me what to do, I like to get ahead of the game and give a task my all. 

I love programming and designing games with a passion. I love seeing a game come to life right in front of me. I'm a keen problem solver and will work individually or with other to make sure deadlines are hit. 

I'm not a perfectionist and I know I don't know everything, but with everything I do, I reflect heavily on it and learn for the next time. 

Over the years I have honed my experience and knowledge inthe following areas. 

  • Languages: C#, C++, Python, Visual Scripting

  • Version Control Software: Github, Perforce 

  • Project Management: Agile Scrum

  • Software: Visual Studio, Photoshop, inDesign, Maya, Notion 

  • Engines: Unity, Unreal Engine 4 and 5 

Although I am primarily into the technical and design side of Game Development, this doesn't I am not interested in other areas of development. I am always willing expand my horizons and learn more such as art, 3D modelling, environment design, producing a title and more. 

I'm also able to do more outside of Game Development such as Website Design, Social Media, Video Editing and 

I strongly believe that everyone no matter your background should be able to play games and also make them. I feel having lots of diverse people on a team can reap many benefits to both the team and project. 

All projects I work on include some form of Accessiblity options in order to make sure anyone can play my games.


I am also currently writing my Dissertation on Accessiblity in Comtemporary Game Design to better understand the benefits of Accessibility from both the developers side and gamers and to also look at what more needs to be done. 

Professional Projects

A collection of Game Titles I have worked on professionally. 

tide first look.PNG

Project Tide: Ravensbourne Unit Showcase

Producer, Technical Designer

 Ravensbourne London University

Platform: Web

Engine: Unity 2021.1



Producer, Technical Designer

Project Tide: Ravensbourne Unit Showcase 2021 is a showcase of student work created by Year 2 Ravensbourne Students for the Ravensbourne Cross Elective Unit for 2021. It allows the viewing of work in a fresh and interactive way. It was developed to run in Web Browsers so no matter your machine, you are able to play. 

As Producer and Technical Designer I designed the project from scratch and was a one man job. I used Unity 2021 to develop this and I was responsible for programming every mechanic in the game and to also keep it optimised for the web. 


Student Projects

A collection of Projects I have worked on as a Student.

Image by Aron Visuals

Final Major Project: Project Worlds

Game Programmer

Game Design Year 3

Platform: PC

Engine: Unity




Game Programmer

Project Worlds is my Final Major Project as a Student at Ravensbourne University and will be my biggest project to date. 

More information will be available as the project develops. 


122 - Whole Cohort Project


Game Design Year 2

Platform: PC

Engine: Unreal 4 


Play on Itch.io


122 is a whole cohort project developed by my Year Group. We designed it to be as scary as possible and to also include some reality bending gameplay to help mess with the player. We only had 4 weeks to create this project from scratch.

I was assigned Producer of the project and was tasked to get this game completed at an Alpha Quality. I had to make sure all 16 people in the team were also completing their tasks which I assigned them based on their skillsets. I held daily standup meetings to make sure I knew where the team was at. I also used Agile Scrum methodologies to organise the project. 


System Update - Mobile Project

Technical Designer

Game Design Year 2

Platform: Android

Engine: Unity 2020 



Technical Designer

System Update is a mobile game project developed by myself and three others. This was the first group project we had all done together and we had 2 months to develop a story-driven game for Android devices. 

As the Technical Designer I was responsible for researching into Mobile Game Development and the best ways to optimise for mobile. I was also responsible for scripting the game in C# and creating all the different game systems to make everything work together nicely. 

Feature graphic_edited.jpg
End Days Prototype Screenshot 2020.09.02 -

End Days - Game Prototype

Game Programmer

Game Design Year 1

Platform: PC

Engine: Unity 2019 



Game Programmer

End Days is a digital prototype created by myself to show my understanding off how a game prototype works and why they are important. This is a Tower Defence game designed to be a quick but challenging experience. 

I designed this project from scratch and was also first major programming challenge. I scripted all of the mechanics you see in the game and made sure that they were all polished and bug free. 


Ichigo: 3D Environment Demo

Game Artist, Programmer

Game Design Year 1

Platform: PC

Engine: Unity 2019 



Game Artist, Programmer

Ichigo is a 3D platformer created to show my development using Maya and creating a 3D environment. Ichigo is a game based in Japan and on Japanese folklore. Your mission in the level is to find your lost sword which has special powers hidden within the sword. 

This project saw me creating 3D models in Maya from reference images provided to me by my tutors. I also did some programming for the character movement and level mechanics.  

Game Jams

A collection of Game Jams I have worked on.

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Revived is an Itch.io Game Jam created for the NESJam

  • Created in 4 days using Unity.

  • Limitations were in place and I had to stick to an NES colour pallete. 

  • Features one level and plays as intended.

  • Playable in Browser.



Squared is an Itch.io Game Jam created for the OSTJam

  • Created over a 3 day period in Unreal 4.

  • Game built around a sound/music track. 

  • Simple 2.5D platformer. 

  • Uses the sound to create a chilled environment.



Equilibrium is a Game Jam created for my Game Design Year 1 coursework. 

  • Created over a 48 hour period in Unity.

  • The first game jam I have done.

  • The game had to feel like a retro arcade game.

  • Takes the classic formula of Breakout and puts a new twist on it. 


Personal Projects

A collection of Projects I have worked on for fun in my spare time, 

Last Utopia (Prototype)


Last Utopia is a 2D platformer prototype made in Unity.

  • Sole programmer and game designer. 

  • Was originally going to be a game title inspired by Celeste.

  • My final project before joining the Game Design course at Ravensbourne. 

Rising Phoenix


Rising Phoenix is a turn based RPG developed for PC and Mac using RPG Maker MV

  • Worked with a small team to create this game. 

  • Artwork created by an external artist

  • I was the sole game designer and programmer. 

  • Is a roughly 5 hour game experience. 

Media Attention 

Ravensbourne University London

Ravensbourne University London

Awards & Certifications

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Thought Processes, Devlogs, Postmortems and Game Reviews


Feel free to contact me on bradoneill96@outlook.com. I will respond as swiftly as I can! I am also on the following socials so feel free to contact me there aswell. :) 

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