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Bradley O'Neill

About Me

Hi! I'm Bradley, a Games Developer and Lecturer based in the United Kingdom. I have been designing and making games for over 10 years now. I'm a recent graduate from Ravensbourne University with a first class BA in Game Design. I am also a Games Lecturer at the same place I graduated from, teaching the next generation of Game Developers! 

Here you can see every project I have worked on, ranging from student work to commercial projects. I have a strong sense of quality and I am driven to always deliver the best games where "Fun" and "Play" are always at the centre over everything else. 

You can also take a look at my Teaching Portfolio here. 

Any questions, please feel free to email me on

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Professional Projects

Some Bizzare Records (In-Development)

I have been working with Some Bizzare records to create a new and engaging online platform which will relaunch the record label into a new era, introducing it's back catalogue to a whole new generation. 

Being developed in Unity, I am leading the project and I am also the sole programmer and tech designer of the project. I also have a team which I am leading who assist with asset creation, texturing and concept art. This project has been in development for over a year now and has gone through many iterations. It is still in development but is due for release in 2023 for Web. 

  • Project Management 

  • Project Design 

  • Optimisation for Web 

  • Scripting mechanics in C# 

Awards & Certfications

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Student Projects - BA Games Design @ Ravensbourne

Space Caretaker For Hire - FMP Version (2022)

For my final major project at Ravensbourne University, I developed a 3D platformer called Space Caretaker For Hire! This project was about a disgruntled caretaker from space who goes around fixing issues on different planets. I developed this in Unity and the project acted as a vertical slice for what could be a full game. It took 9 months total to produce with 3 months of pre-production and the rest for production. I had help from other students who assisted with 3D Modelling, Character Art and Level Design 

  • Game Design 

  • Tech Design 

  • Collaboration 

View the Design Documents here:

  • Game Design Document 

  • Tech Design Document 

  • Art Bible

Media Attention 

Ravensbourne Creative Conversations

Ravensbourne University London

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Game Jams

Space Caretaker For Hire - FMP Version (2022)

Revived is an Game Jam created for the NESJam

  • Created in 4 days using Unity.

  • Limitations were in place and I had to stick to an NES colour pallete. 

  • Features one level and plays as intended.

  • Playable in Browser.

Play it Here

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